Interchangeable And Beaded Watch Bands

In cases when you wish to change your watch with every outfit,Guest Posting try considering an interchangeable beaded watch band. These beautiful interchangeable beaded watch bands transcend the fine line between watch and jewelry, offering you the opportunity to bring a bit of style to the wrist.A beaded watch band is a sheer must for a person who is fond of wearing great jewelry and looking good, and also needs to keep an eye on the time. These interchangeable watches are a wonderful substitute to simple old watch bands which stay the same, day in and day out, for years to come. watchlivecric Beaded watch bands can be easily changed as often as you like, a sparkly watch band for nighttime wear, formal colors for day wear, and funky beads for the weekend. Any of these looks can be achieved using a single watch face with a choice of interchangeable bands.Beaded bands are a clever innovation and allow watches to become as flexible as items of jewelry.

An interchangeable beaded watch band scheme involves a watch face with loops at either end to which the beaded band is attached. A fastener is attached to either end of the watch band; which is similar in look to the clasps on necklaces. These fasteners are firmly clasped to the loops on the watch, forming an interchangeable watch band.The interchangeable bands are typically beaded and they can be as plain as a few classically cut beads to the full-on glamour of a crystal-encrusted, hand-woven band that is as unique as the wearer.Beaded watch bands are threaded using elastic thread which allows some give in the band, allowing it to be fitted over the wrist while still sitting snuggly on the arm. Beaded watch bands may also be strung onto a bead wire or thread with no stretch. The beaded bands without stretch will typically have a fastening or will be worn loose in a similar manner to a bangle watch.The variations of beads that can be used in interchangeable beaded watch bands are almost infinite and might include:Gemstone Beads: – There are gemstone beads to be found in a whole variety of colors and shapes and can be applied in the interchangeable bands. These gemstones are also known to have healing and positive qualities like Rose quartz being the stone of love, bringing romantic fortune to the wearer. Other appealing stones include the greens of jade and aventurine, or gentle pearly colors of moonstone or opal.Glass Beads: – Various types of glass beads, and some popular beads used by artists are hand formed lamp work beads and are widely used as interchangeable or beaded watch bands.Natural Beads:

These days there is a growing trend towards natural beads which include bone, shell, nuts and seeds, wood and bark. These wonderful materials give beads that are deep in color and texture and make great interchangeable beaded watch bands.Acrylic and Plastic Beads: – Acrylic and plastic beads are a good option for interchangeable watch bands. Their robust nature helps to withstand the knocks and bumps which items worn on the wrist often receive. The interchangeable beaded watch bands made of acrylic and plastic have a longer life and are safe from damages. Interchangeable beaded watch bands made up of acrylic and plastic are also light.These beaded interchangeable watch items can be found at craft stores and markets as well as jewelry and watch stores. Bead jewelry artists also make interchangeable beaded watch bands.

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