How to Find the Best Domain Name Registrar

Finding the best domain name registrar partly depends on finding a registrar that has qualities that everyone wants, but may also depend-at least in part-on exactly what you’re looking for.

What Every Domain Name Registrar Should Have

Any domain name registrar you consider should either be accredited by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or either a) certified by an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar as a reseller if it’s a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) – which can be found on the ICANN website.

or b) certified by the country’s sponsoring organization if it’s a country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) – which can be found on the IANA website. Nobody wants to find that their registration isn’t legit.

Any domain name registrar you do business with should also have a policy of sending you a renewal notice before releasing your domain name registration when the paid period is up. Going even further,  BestDomainPortfolio   it’s desirable for a domain name registrar to have a forgiveness policy where you can still renew your registration for a period of time after it expires, even if something goes wrong in the standard renewal process. Nobody wants to lose their domain name registration by accident.

Any domain name registrar that you use should be an established business. You don’t want your website in limbo if a registrar and its records disappear.

Specialized Things to Look for When Seeking a Domain Name Registrar

Besides the basics, people take different approaches to domain name registration.

• Some people want the domain name registration to come free with their web hosting package. If you’re looking for this, check to how long the “free” domain offer is good for-sometimes it is only a year.

• Some people want free web hosting with the domain name registration. If you’re looking for this, make sure the free hosting has the features you need, or you may end up paying to get them or having to switch to a different host.

• Some people are happy to register their domains with one company and secure their web hosting package(s) elsewhere. Especially if you expect to have multiple domains and/or have to manage your accounts in detail (for example, change the name servers from the registrar’s servers to the web host’s servers), make sure you find the account management interface usable.

Other Considerations

Price, is-of course-a consideration. So is the possibility of finding a particular domain name for sale or auction on one particular site, which limits your options if you really want that particular domain name. If you find yourself in this situation, you might consider finding a legitimate “drop catcher”-a registrar that keeps an eye out for the sudden availability of a domain name you desire and buys it on your behalf, should it become available.

Remember that if you register a domain name with one registrar and find another registrar you like better, you can transfer the domain to a different registrar of your choice. Keep in mind, though, that after a transfer, there is a 60-day period during which no further transfer can be made except back to the original registrar. Also consider that because a transfer can take up to two weeks, it is unwise to make a transfer close to the expiration date of a registration lest the expiration occur with the site in limbo between two registrars.

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