Dent Repair Can Add Value To Your Car!

Repairing dents of any size is a quick and easy way to boost the value of a car. Most body shops can fix dents ranging in size from small to large and it is estimated that this repair increases the value of a car up to $1,000. While the mechanical functions of a car should be the priority, most people buy a used vehicle based on its appearance and assumed maintenance. A car should always have dents of any size repaired before selling.

How Repairing Dents Increases Value

It’s well known that small touches can Dent Erasers help a car sell for more. Cleaning wheels and interior, fixing burnt out lights and waxing a car improve the appearance and the value for very little money. Dent repair is similar; it is a small investment that can yield a big return. A good body shop can use a technique known as paintless dent repair (PDR) to fix dings without the need to repaint. This is one of the best investments to make in a used car before selling and is often used by rental agencies, dealerships and auctions to prepare a vehicle for sale.

How the Technique Works

Paintless repair of dents is a technique that can repair depressions in the metal. A technician at a body shop uses special tools to manipulate the metal back into its original form from behind the dent, causing no damage to the paint. The panel is accessed by removing trim pieces or through inner panels. This technique can only be performed by a trained PDR technician and requires experience. The dent is removed by working from the outside edges in, slowly decreasing the size until it becomes so small it blends in with the paint texture.

What Dent Repair Can Fix

Typically, dent repair by a professional can fix virtually any dent from very large to small. The paintless technique works best on 1990 and newer car models because of the type of paint and frame used. This technique is only recommended for dents if the paint is not cracked or broken as well. Lastly, the dent must not be near the edge of a panel and the area must not have any previous body repair work that has changed the integrity of the panel.

Advantages of Fixing Dents

There are many advantages to repairing dents in a vehicle before sale. There is no repainting or filler needed, which removes the chance of paint overspray on other areas of the vehicle. This also eliminates the need to match paint colors and allows the vehicle to retain its original paint. Vehicles with original paint have a better resale value than repainted vehicles. Repairing dents with the paintless technique is also much more affordable than traditional body work and some insurance companies even waive deductibles when this technique is used.

Many body shops today employ trained PDR technicians to remove dents affordably and safely. This technique is the number one way to increase a car’s value before selling because it raises the value a great deal for a small investment. Dents of all sizes can be repaired with this technique and the cost is usually under $150 at a qualified body shop. Although the process can’t remove all dents, it’s the best way to maintain the integrity and original color of a vehicle while making it as attractive as possible for resale.



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