Best Sex Positions For Couples – Side by Side Positions

Side by side positions are some of the best sex positions for couples who enjoy manual stimulation during intercourse. Many couples who find from behind position too impersonal find side by side positions a great middle ground.

If you have never tired any of these best sex positions for couples, I highly suggest that you learn a few of these and add them to your arsenal. Discovering and trying new positions is a great start to improving your sex life and torso sex doll your sexual horizons.

Keeping sex fresh and exciting is critical to any successful sexual relationship and the more best sex positions for couples you learn the larger your sexual knowledge becomes. Having a healthy sex lifestyle is very important and a big part of that lifestyle is being open to trying new things.

Here are some details on some the best sex positions for couples that have partners side by side:

  • Spoon: This is probably the most common of the side by side best sex positions for couples. This is a very sensual and comfortable sexual position in which the man and woman come together in in a deep sensual way. He can easily kiss her back and her neck and can also caress her breasts and clitoris in this posiiton.
  • Cat: For this sex position you just alter the missionary position, both partners embrace each other and then turn onto their side slowly to assure the penis stays where it belongs.
  • Star: For this position the woman is lying on her back she then spreads her legs wide. The man then slides a leg between the woman’s and then enters from the side while supporting himself with his other arm. This one of the best sex positions for couples that provides excellent stimulation for her.


Hopefully after reading this you will be encouraged to learn more and try some side by side positions. Expanding your sexual activities to incorporate new things is a great start to having a healthy, happy and active sex life.


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