60+ Romantic Love Shayari in English

My Eyes R Hurting Bcoz I Can’t See U, My Arms R Empty Bcoz I Can’t Hold U, My Lips R Cold Bcoz I Can’t Kiss U But, My Heart Is Breaking Bcoz I M Not With You. ~~~~~ Don’t Send Any Messages, I Don’t Want To See You, Hear Your Voice, Think Of You, Bcoz My Doctor Me To Keep Away From To Sweets. ~~~~~ Matrimonial Add: Wanted A Girl Age No Bar, Height No Bar, Looks No Bar, Color Ni Bar, Castle No Bar Money No Bar, But Sex Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar. ~~~~~ The Word HELLO Means H= How R U E= Everything All Right L= Like 2 Hear 4rm U L= Love 2 C U Soon O= Obviously, I Miss You? ~~~~~ U R Like My Asthama, U Take My Breath Away, U R Like My Dandruff, I Can’t Get U Out Of My Head, U R Like My Car, U Drive Me Dcray, U R Like My Lips , I Can’t Smile Without It. 50+ Funny Status Messages in English If A Kiss Was A Raindrop I’d Send U Showers, If A Hug Was A    attitude shayari in hindi Second I’d Send U Hours, If A Smile Was Water I’d Send U A Sea, If Love Was A Person I’d Send U Me. ~~~~~ Like Energy, Love Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed, It Can Just Be Transferred From One Girlfrnd To Another Girlfrnd. ~~~~~ It Takes Thousand Workers 2 Build A Castle, Million Soliders 2 Protect A Country, But Just One Woman 2 Make A Happy Home, Lets Thank ………… KAAMWALI ~~~~~ A Kiss Is Just A Kiss Till U Find The 1 U Luve, A Hug Is Just A Hug Till U Find The 1 U’re Always Thinking Of. A Dream Is Just A Dream Till It Comes True, Luv Was Just A Word Till I Heard It From U. ~~~~~ God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe, Everything Happens On Purpose,

When U Became Me Frnd It Was Not An Accident He Wanted Me To Get The Best. English Shayari for Lover Some People Have Nice Eyes, Some Have Nice Smiles And Others Have Nice Faces, But You Have All Of Them With A Nice Heart. ~~~~~ Its Just A 16 Letter Word Yet It Means So Much When, It Is Warmly Sent Just To Keep In Touch. Take Care Of Ur Self. ~~~~~

We Are Enough 2 Tell Each Other Wat We Feel About Our Relationship, I Can Sum Our Frndship In Those 3 Cute And Lovely Words You R Damn Lucky. ~~~~~ Wining Has Always Meant Much 2 Time, But Winning A Frnd Like U Has Meant The Most, I Won’t Mind Loosing The Battle Of Life As Long As I Have U. ~~~~~ Santa Singh Beaten By Teacher On His Hips. He Comes Back And Saw His Hips In The Mirror, And Says “Saale Ne Do Tukde Kar Diye”. ~~~~~ Frndship With Time Becomes Deeper, And Matured And Weaves A Colorful, Tapestry Of Memories, Spent In The Company Of FRIENDS. 45+ Funny Text Messages for Friends in English Frndship Is Smooth, Free- Flowing Like A River Of Dreams, That Brings Surprises All New,

Growing Deeper Day After Day. ~~~~~ True Frndship Comes When Silence, Between 2 People Is Comfortable, And When Everything Is Said And, Done And Understood Injust Few Words. I Love You. ~~~~~ Friendship A Bond, A Relationship, A Feeling , Take It In Any Way, It Leaves The Heart With A Warm Sensation. ~~~~~ The Gift Of True Frndship Is Dat, It Takes Us By The Hand And Reminds Us, V R Not Alone In The Journey Of Life. ~~~~~ Do U Need A Face – Lift There One That’s Free, Always Handy, Makes You Look Younger And Has No, Undesirable Side Effects? It’s Called A Smile Keep Smiling Always Romantic Shayari in English for BF Someday When The Page Of My Life End, I Know That U’ll B 1 Of Its Most Beautiful, Chapters

And If Ever I Get 2 Read It Again, I’ll Open It From The Page When 1st Met U. ~~~~~ There Can Be No Reasoning, Justification For What Happened, But We Can Just Let Do, Please Pardon Me For Everything. ~~~~~ If You Live To Be Hundred, I Want To Be Hundred Minutes One Day, So I Don’t Have To Live A Day Without You. ~~~~~ Every Message Is A Smile, Every Word Is Like A Kiss, But When U Touch Me, Remember This, My Life Is Full With Happiness. ~~~~~ When U Feel Low Always Remember, U R Braver Than U Believe, Stronger Than U Seem, Wiser Than U Think Ad Life, Isn’t That Bad So Cheer Up. 40+ Funny Joke of the Day for Adults What Makes Some People Dearer, Is Not Just The Happiness That U Feel When U, Met Them, But The Emptiness U Feel, When They R Not Around. ~~~~~ You R A Frnd With

A Heart Of Gold, How Much U Mean To Me Can Never Be Told, You Are Some 1 To Be Talked Abt Some Sweet And True, One In Million That’s You. ~~~~~ Iam Just An Ordinary Frnd That Soon, You Will Forget You May Not Be Bothered, By My Absence Nor By My Presence But In My Heart, I Will Keep You 4ever. ~~~~~ A Person Like U Is Not Like The “Sun” Bcoz Its Sets. Not Like The “Moon” Bcoz It Fades, A Person You Is Like A “Sky” Bcoz It Always Stays. ~~~~~ I Did Not Known Being In Frndship Was So Beautiful, I Found This Beauty With You, I Did Not Know Frndship Could Be Magically Sweet, I Found This Sweetness Coz Of You. ~~~~~ We Don’t Have Enough Free Time 2 Spare, Or A Chance 2 Express Just How Much We Care, But I Think Of You When Each Day Ends, And I Say A Prayer 4 U, Dear Frnd Romantic Love Shayari in English The Year Has Almost Gone, But Made Us Strong, The Path Was Long, But We Walked With A Song, There Were Fears ‘N’ Tears, But We Also Had Reasons For Cheers. Happy New Years. ~~~~~ Sometimes We Like It Up & Down, Sometimes We Like It Back & Forth, It Only Takes 2 Min To Do It Feel, Great So U Should Go N Brush Ur Teeth Too ~~~~~ Nobody Wants U, Nobody Makes U Happy, Nobody Loves U, Nobody Miss U, Nobody Wants Good For U , Nobody Carrer About You, Don’t Cry “My Name Is Nobody”. ~~~~~ Liquor Is An Enemy Of Our Country, We Must Finish It, I Take A Quarter, U Take A Quarter U Take A Half, Ask Ur Frnd To Take Full, And Lets Empty The Stocks Enjoy. ~~~~~ Smile Is Complete When It Begins With Lips, Reflect In Your Eyes & Ends With A Glow On You Face, With You A “Smiling Day”

Good Morning 40+ Santa Banta Jokes in Hindi If I Could Be Any Part Of You, I’d Be Your Tear, To Be Conceived In Your Heart, Born In Your Eyes, Live In Our Cheeks, And Die On Your Lips. ~~~~~ When I Pray I Don’t See God But I Know He Listens, When I Sms I Don’t See U But I Know U Read My Msgs, With A Smile. Keep Smiling. ~~~~~ Beautiful Frnd And Beautiful Thoughts, Are Rare To Find But Iam Lucky To Find Such A, Beautiful Frnd Whose Beautiful Thoughts, Always Fill My Mind. ~~~~~ “A Few Relations In Earth Never Dies”, Take 1st Letter From Each Word 2 Get, The Word That U Mean 2 Me. Thanks For Being The Best. ~~~~~ The Quickest Way To Receive Love Is To Give Love, The Fastest Way To Loose It To Hold It Tight And, The Best Way To Keep Love Is To Give Wings. My Best Friend English Shayari God Asked Me 2 Find Something Good, I Got Him Gold, He Asked 4 Better I Got Him , Diamonds Now He Wants The Best, Where R U Dear?????? ~~~~~ Your Absence Should Be Long Enough So That Somebody Misses U, It Should Not Be Long So That Somebody Finds, Out How Well He Can Do Without You. ~~~~~ I Mixed Rum In Water And Got Drunk, I Mixed Brandy In Water And Got Drunk, I Mixed Whisky In Water And Got Drunk Again, Now I Have Decided Never To Drink Water Again. ~~~~~ God Made Pepsi, God Made Whisky, God Made Me So Sexy, God Make Rivers, God Made Lakes And God Made You Well Everybody Makes Mitakes. ~~~~~ Don’t Send Any Messages, I Don’t Want To See You, Hear Our Voice, Think Of You, Bcoz My Doctor Advised Me 2 Keep Away From 2 Sweets. ~~~~~ U May B Out Of My Sight But Not Out Of My Heart

, U May B Out Of My Reach But Not Out Of My Mind, I Don’t Know What I Mean 2 U, But U’ll Always Be Special To Me. 55+ Comedy Status for Whatsapp and Facebook Sometimes I Forget 2 Say Hi, Sometimes I Forget 2 Reply, Sometimes My Msg Don’t Reach You, But It Doesn’t Mean I Forget U, I’m Just Giving U Time To Miss Me. ~~~~~ Every Tear Is Sign Of Brokenness, Every Silence Is A Sign Of Loneliness, Every Smile Is A Sign Of Kindness, Every Sms Is A Symbol Of Rememberances ~~~~~ Why Do I Text U? Its My Choice, Its My Way Of Saying That I Remember U, Why Do I Remember U? Il Neva Know Its Not My Choice Its My Hearts. ~~~~~ I Miss You So, Here Around Me, So Many People, But Yet So Alone I Miss Your Lips, Your Lovely Smile, I Miss You Each Day More And More. I Miss U, Come Soon. ~~~~~ The Moment I First Saw You Warmed My Heart, The Second Time You Made Little Flames And Now, You Make My Heart Burn So Keep In Touch. ~~~~~ When Darkness Moves In On Me It’s The Lover Of People, Like You That Allows Me To Go Through Defeat, And Still Know To Be Fully Accepted Thanks. 45+ Non Veg Jokes and Dirty Chutkule of the Day Missing U Is Not A Word To Say, Missing U Is Not A Game To Play, Missing U Not A Month That In, Start In April And End In May. Missing U Is Today Tomorrow And Everyday ~~~~~ We Always Know That Looking Back On The Tears, Would Make Us Laugh, But We Never Know That Looking Back On The Moments, We Laugh Together Would Make Us Cry. ~~~~~ I Looked For My God, My God Eluded Me, I Looked For My Soul, My Soul I Could Not See, I Looked For A Frnds And I Found All Three. English Shayari for Love Think Well, Work Well, Eat Well, Sleep Well, Play Well, And Also Throw Y’r Mobile, Inside The Same Well ! Because You R Not Messaging Me. ~~~~~ Some People Have Nice Eyes, Some Have Nice Smiles And Others Have Nice Faces, But You Have All Of Them With A Nice Heart. ~~~~~ In A 1000 Yesterdays And A Million, Tomorrows There Is Only 1 Today, And I Would Not Let This Day Pass Without Saying, Thanks For Being Such A Lovely Frnd. ~~~~~ Every Failure Is A Lesson Learn Well, Every Success Is A Battle Fight Well, And Every Frnd Is A Jewel Keep Well In Your Heart. ~~~~~ When U Get This Sms, Send It To 1 Person You Love, 1 U Hate, 1 U Admire, 1 U Always Think Of And 1 U Wish To Kill, Now Keep Guessing Why 1 Sent It 2 U. Related Posts 10+ Top Marathi Love Shayari for Girlfriend Marathi Love Shayari Collection Gehwen Yeshi Kovele,

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