The Untold Truth About Intersex Surgery

Intersex surgery is a surgery associated with a “disorder” known as intersex. This is a terminology umbrella term generally encompassing various conditions in which the internal and external sex organs of an individual may develop differently than for the normal boy or girl. The anatomical or chromosal sex of the person therefore is not completely male or female. There is a variety of this kind of intersex variations.For instance in some individuals this genital complications will be evident clearly at birth. On the same note, for others this condition may appear clearly male or female however the internal characteristics of sex for example the chromosomes are not exclusively male or female. Despite all these challenges intersex individuality face, they all have equal rights and need to be treated in the same manner just the way every other normal individual is treated. Intersex surgery therefore is a kind of surgery adopted by various medical practitioners all over the world with an aim of helping the victims especially in the circumstance where it is medical emergency or with an aim of treating a malfunction of disease. It can also be adopted among the infants so as to make the body gain normalcy either to appear more male or female.

However despite this action having various significance in the lives of both the adults and infants, at some point they may lead to greater problems especially to the infants later when they grow in future. This process is associated with risks in infants such as the following. Possible complications from surgery such as haemorage.This is a condition associated with severe bleeding condition encountered by victims after undergoing this process of intersex surgery. This may in turn lead to losing a lot of blood hence putting the victims at a greater risk of health problems such as fainting. Fainting is a problem associated with insufficient supply of oxygen in the brain.Therefore when the surgery is not done carefully the patient may end up losing a lot of blood making them vulnerable to these challenges such as fainting, feeling sick and other complications associated with insufficient blood supply.

The surgery is irreversible. Despite the medical community playing a major role in the recent past in order to make progress in intersex care, the negative effect that this process cannot be reversed still remains.This is simply because the surgery can inflict irreversible physical and psychological harm among the patient victims. It is therefore much appropriate that before the child or adult undertakes this kind of surgery those involved medical practitioners should be highly qualified so as to ensure no errors are committed that may end up placing the life of the victim at risk.

Another problem of undertaking this surgery among the children is that the infant may undergo the surgery aimed at assigning them as male or female yet grow up to identify that they are different sex altogether. This is very traumatizing since at the old stage and even before, the reverse is not possible. This will then lead the patient into a traumatic situation since it is really disappointing because maybe at infant the process was done against their will because it was the parent’s decision. It is therefore much better if the victims could be left to grow until when they can make their own personal decisions such that in case things go the other way round at least they are in a position to blame themselves and even by then at least they will have realized what is the dominant nature part of them. This may put the child to suffer seriously psychologically due to psychological damage.

Another major problem that may be associated with this intersex surgery is that the child may not have an opportunity to express their gender. Now according to the human rights watch every individual has got all rights equal to the other and deserves to be respected. You find that now as a child when they are undertaken through this process at such a fragile age,you deny them an opportunity to freely express and show out what their gender truly is but not from the perspective of what the parents and the involved parties such as the medical practitioners say. It should be clear to these individuals, that is, medical practitioners and the broader community that several factors can play a major role in contribution to gender and identity and that the particular gender outcome of individuals depends on individual circumstances therefore they should not advocate on what is to be done on behalf of the innocent child.

The surgery can lead to lifelong sterilization as well as infertility. Take for example the surgery to remove the gonads without the knowledge of the patient.This is one of the greatest risks of undertaking this surgery especially without consulting the patient about the absurd effects of it. Removal of gonads requires a lifelong hormone replacement therapy. You find that the operation trying to alter the size of the genitals or simply the appearance of the children’s’ genitals puts them at a risk such as lack of sensation and slarageeks  this finally turns into psychological trauma. Later in future it becomes a big problem to handle because the nerves are limited and cannot re-grow hence limiting an option for future surgery. This is therefore a risky kind of procedure in the field of medicine and the practitioners need to deeply look and consider everything and ensure that all is safe before commencing the surgery on the innocent patients.

Mental anguish is also another challenge associated with this surgery. According to the human rights watch, intersex individuals who undertake this surgery always show that feeling of disappointment because they experience contemptuous language from the doctors which to some extent may be so discouraging. The idea of continuous and repeated medical examinations,lots of photographs being taken during this process also being frequently exposed to multiple of medical practitioners may lead to a lot of mental torture and anguish. They have got that feeling of being reaped off their privacy which would not be acceptable ethically especially in any other circumstances.As a result of such like effects you find that many of these intersex individuals have made some sought of horror experiences with doctors many years after the surgery when trying to get hold of a doctor or they simply try to avoid seeking medical assistance all together and this may be very dangerous because they require time to time medical checkup.

Despite all this negativeness associated with this intersex surgery, there are only two possible circumstance when this method can be recommended and be of a greater use.These are one, in the circumstance when where there is a medical emergency and life has to be saved for example in a case of malfunction. In this circumstance then it is advisable that this surgery can be carried out so as to help the life of the patient thus removing his or her life out of danger. For example in a situation where you want to guarantee the passage of urine.

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