Sales Tip Five


When connecting with fujimaru  prospective customers, we noticed that the top performers showed a real interest in their future customers. They demonstrated their interest, by asking a number of meaningful questions. As they asked questions, they acquired the information they needed and their customers feel heard.

They asked on average 1 – 2 specific questions, during the “CONNECT PHASE”, to show their commitment to be of service to each specific future customer.

During the Discovery phase, they asked the majority of questions. The secret to make this work for you, is to ensure that you do not present the questions, all at  Rather, work to use the 12 – 14 questions, to encourage  throughout the sales meeting.

Emotional Intelligence

It was interesting to notice the emotional intelligence of the top performers in respect of the different personality types.

When dealing with a  personality type, they asked significantly more personal questions and showed a deep interest, in the welfare of their team and family.
When dealing with an personality type the top performers asked very few personal questions, but they were very  hatakeofficial clear as to “HOW” they would support them and their
When dealing with a Logical personality type the top performers adjusted their approach towards personal questions and they used their emotional intelligence to ensure that they asked questions, but they were also careful to convey exactly “WHAT” they were there to do.
When they were dealing with a Dominant type personality, they instinctively asked fewer personal questions, during the connection phase. They ensured that they conveyed very clearly “WHY” they were there.
The bottom performers on the other hand did not exhibit much emotional intelligence at all. They had a one size fits all approach, where they far more focused on introducing themselves and they made broad statements, designed to impress their prospects. They asked very few engaging or personal questions at all.

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