Learn How to Collect Payments on Your Facebook Shop

There is this constant, crazy race for conversions and sales and the starting point is always the checkout page. There may be a lot of voices that would increase the volume just to contradict this idea as loud as possible, saying that there are other things that matter before getting to the checkout page.

This may be true, but if you think about it, every success story starts with the ending (just remember Star Wars or Forrest Gump). It’s true that effort and hard work should be visible in every single detail defining your website, but really, it all comes down to the checkout page. Why? Well, because this is where the magic happens. This is where swift transactions should take place in order to have conversions and sales. Now, I think we can all agree that not all magic shows are impressive. And do you know what makes the difference between pulling a rabbit out of a hat and Harry Potter? The tcress background, the story that wraps the magic and presents it to you. That’s what your checkout page should stand for.

It’s the cart design, the security elements, the continuous branding of your business, the up-selling and cross-selling of your products, a catalogue of elements that manages to turn window shoppers into actual returning customers. This is a huge accomplishment, which is why treating your checkout design page with the utmost attention is crucial. Like everything else on the online market, it’s all about the customer. So, before heading straight forward into the checkout page story, remember this: your customer matters and he is your main focus, from the moment you say Hello until you end with Thank you!

Low on patience
One of the biggest challenges the modern marketer is faced with is a customer that no longer has patience. Before the madness, people would shop to relax. Today, it almost feels like shopping is causing them stress and nervousness.

So what do you do if you happen to have a long list of products? Your customers are already exhausted from analysing your products and deciding what to buy. So, in the most important part of your sales process, the one in which the sale should actually take place, you have to deal with grumpy, tired, bored customers, who just want to get this thing over and done with and enjoy the product. Because of the audience you are addressing, you need to act fast.

Complete the process before they change their mind and give up on the entire purchase. You have to add distractions as well. Lack of patience has to join hands with the ongoing, diverse distractions your customers are exposed to. Anything could happen while they are shopping on your page. For instance, the entire transaction could happen during lunch break, when they are interrupted by a friend, so their attention is no longer focused on your page. You might already be bored with this long speech, wondering what’s the element that can change the numbers in your advantage. Shrink everything, shorten the number of fields your customer has to fill. For instance, you can add Google Geolocation API to quickly identify the address, so your customer won’t have to do the work himself. Not that we like stressing the importance of this issue, but you might like to know that according to the Addressy Report1 on failed deliveries, 61% of customers would abandon their cart if they would encounter issues when entering their shipping address details. That’s more than half of your customers! So, keep it simple and win customers.

And here’s another thought! This might sound strange, but remember those black and white movies, where inmates would count the remaining jail time by drawing groups of 5 sticks on the walls of their cells, crossing them down, group by group, when the days would pass? This made them feel more optimistic about the time they had left inside. Strange comparison, I know. But, think about it. Having a way to check progress, like verification signs informing the customer how much is left of the process would be like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s very important to have this psychological tool at hand that calms the mind of the agitated customer.

1Addressy Report, Fixing Failed Deliveries.

Suspicious about security
Now this is a serious topic (not that the rest of them weren’t). Security is paramount in this day and age and if you don’t believe us, just ask the EU about GDPR. Although we are pretty sure you’re familiar with it. The checkout page has a strong connection with the idea of security, because here is where the big exchange is being made. So, you should work really hard to get the safe choice award in the eyes of your customers. Badges that strengthen the idea that your business is secure and that you are a trustworthy partner, respecting all safety regulations and standards are more than welcome.

To be honest with you, this an effort that ought to be visible throughout your entire website, but the big push should come right here, to have that grand finale. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to include your contact information in the checkout page design (It’s a must, really, but we’re just being polite). Customers need to know that you are always available, no matter what. This strengthens the idea that you are a secure company. Also, when adding the contact details, make sure you offer multiple options by means of which customers can actually reach you in case they need help.

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