Great Sandbox Projects: Create a Minecraft Cruise Ship

For those of us who can’t get enough creative projects in Minecraft, building a luxury cruise liner can be an awesome way to spend time – either by modeling real life ships or getting creative on dit-vejle  your own- without resorting to the same old projects. These massive and intricate builds can use over a million blocks per project, incorporating hundreds or even thousands of individual rooms, and if you are looking for a long-term build that will be able to satisfy your creative cravings for a long while, this is certainly the project for you.

Plot It Out

When you begin the process of building your Minecraft cruise ship, blueprints are essential to your success. Cruise ships need to be highly dit-holstebro symmetrical and well-plotted to look good, and it is much easier to check your work if you build out a bare-bones skeleton of your project before you start obscuring areas with building materials. Colored wool, or other out-of-place blocks, can be great for counting out dimensions and preparing your area.

Adventure Maps and Sharing

Once your build is complete, sending out the finished file as a downloadable map is the perfect way to show off your work and gain name recognition. You can either send out your map as-is, or modify it dit-noerrebro into an adventure map so that players can explore your creation while living out a story that you dream up and bring to life. From murder mysteries and horror to dating sims and comedy maps, there are hundreds of ways you could turn your Minecraft cruise liner into its own game within the game. For this, making use of command blocks and map clones may be necessary to move the player around to your will.

Mods, Textures, and Shaders

If you aren’t planning on sharing your file with the world, but do want to share images and videos of your cruise ship dit-koege build with the community, modding your game can provide you with a more finished look than vanilla Minecraft can provide on its own.

There are mods for every aspect of Minecraft imaginable. You can find decorative blocks in all colors and textures, and make use of triangular or partial blocks as well as other out-of-the-ordinary additions such as furniture and flags. For beginners, finding a basic mod pack that you like will help you avoid mod conflicts and bugs, while more advanced or code-savvy users can create their own custom combinations to achieve the best look for their ship.

Adding in custom shaders and textures can inter-hus also help to create a more visually striking image that will make your build truly come to life. You can find texture packs that make use of high-definition textures and seamless transitions, allowing you to create windows and large expanses of blocks that don’t look overly-tiled or repetitive, while shaders featuring realistic water and sky effects will make it look like your cruise ship is floating at sea in the real world.

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