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Having this basic knowledge, as well as a couple specific product recommendations will prove incredibly valuable when preparing for your next hair color. You should discuss these points with your Hair Colorist and ask about these specific products or ones that they would recommend. Extending your vibrant color results, with all of its beauty, through your next root touch, will not only preserve, but enhance, the value of your investment in beauty!

John Massers is a noted and well published expert in organic salon products and evangelizes Organic Color Systems, which is a revolutionary, professional-only hair color which does not contain any ammonia, resorcinol, or formaldehyde and preserves the hair’s natural beauty by providing a nourishing, healthy treatment that does not damage the hair’s structural integrity. Organic Color Systems is also recommended by doctors for pregnant women and cancer treated hair.

Most people want to look the best they can and a simple way is to have a great head of hair. Almost everyone will wash their hair daily but this does not mean that your hair will be clean and healthy. Unfortunately a lot of people are doing a lot of damage to their hair.

Many store bought shampoos contain chemicals that do damage over the long run so you won’t notice their effect immediately. That is why you will see many organic shampoos like SLS free shampoo in the same location are the regular ones.

So let me tell you a bit about why organic style shampoo is better. The first and I believe the most important reason is that the shampoo is gentle on your hair. Some people report that their hair gets a particular glow to it that you just can’t get with regular hair. Another reason is that some people will have allergic reactions. Sometimes these reactions are so mild that you don’t even notice it or dismiss it as something else. It can be something as simple as your back itching being a result of your shampoo causing irritation.

These reasons are just a few that drive online internet businesses to offer organic shampoo. But you can also make your own organic shampoo too. Once you find a recipe that is suitable to you, you can make it very cheaply from common ingredients.

When we think of shampoo we often think about shampoo for the body but there are other kinds as well. There are also organic shampoos for carpets which can remove allergens and other irritants.

Consider trying an organic shampoo and see the difference. I recommend you try it for a month before making any final decisions since it may take your body some time to adjust and feel the effects. Don’t let the big companies fool you with all of their chemical infused shampoos.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a  Organic Shampoo Color Safe Shampoo

pH: Hair has a natural pH level of between 4.5 and 5.5. If hair is taken to a higher pH, the cuticle (layer of scales protecting the hair delicate inner fibers) will “lift” exposing the hair fibers and exposing them to risk. Typical tap water has a pH of 7. So, using a shampoo that is properly pH balanced to preserve your hair’s isometric pH ideal level of between 4.5 – 5.5 during the washing process, despite the pH of the water used in the process, is absolutely critical to maintaining your hair color and guarding against fade.

Sulfate-Free: Sulfates are a common ingredient used in “every-day” shampoos that are effective cleansers because they lift dirt and oils from the hair. Unfortunately, they lift color too. There are many great sulfate-free, color-safe, shampoos that are available. Avoiding sulfates in your shampoo will prevent this gradual color-lift from taking place and guard against color fade.

Healthy Ingredients: We once thought that the skin was relatively impermeable but now know that the products you put on your head are quickly soaked into your skin through the scalps many pores and follicles and go directly into your bloodstream. Recent research has demonstrated that hair care ingredients can be found in urine test results within 60 minutes of application. Three ingredients that should be absolutely avoided in all personal care products are Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS), and Ammonia; each have been linked to cancer and significant bodily system damage. A recent study found that almost 100% of breast cancer patients studied contained parabens in their tumors.

The first priority to ensuring against hair color fade is using a premium, professional, permanent hair color. Interestingly, the professional hair color brands that are most resistant to color fade, which also perform best coloring resistant gray hair, are the organic hair color lines such as organic color systems. These ammonia-free hair color lines use natural coconut oil to swell the hair cuticle open allowing it to seal back down without damage. This process seals in the color molecules rather than be exposed through the porosity of an ammonia-damaged cuticle.

Best Shampoo Products for Colored Hair

Healthy hair requires maintaining a delicate balance of moisture and protein. Two much moisture, and the hair is drab, lifeless, and gooey. Too much protein and the hair is brittle, hard, and prone to breakage. The proper balance will produce soft, elastic, shiny, youthful hair.

During your hair color consultation, your salon professional will determine your hair’s moisture and protein needs and recommend the ideal organic shampoo product for your specific needs. Whether your hair needs additional moisture, additional protein, or if your hair is optimally balanced but just need a color-safe cleanser; your salon professional will be able to optimize your hair to its ideal moisture and protein balance while perfectly preserving your color.

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