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There are many Christian sex questions that Christians have. There are also varying answers. Not everyone agrees on certain issues. Here are the most common Christian sex questions:

1. Is oral sex allowed?

While there may be some disagreement, generally it’s thought that oral sex is indeed allowed within Christian intimacy. Many of the arguments against oral sex cite scripture which has to do with homosexuality, not intimacy between a male and female. Oral sex is an excellent way to practice intimacy without the worry of pregnancy occurring.  webcamboys nl  It’s a great alternative to normal sex, and many couples actually get more pleasure out of it than regular sexual relations.

2. What are the “Rules to Christian Sex”?

Again, the rules tend to get debated, but the two most important rules that you should know and that are universal, that is something everyone can agree on, are the following:

Safety: Sex should be safe between you and your Christian partner. You should not engage in any knowingly dangerous or kinky sex acts which pose high risk.

Agreement: You and your  geile films  Christian partner should agree on the specifics of your intimacy. If one is discomforted and does not enjoy a certain position, then the other should agree to not practice it.

3. How Can We Improve Our Christian Intimacy?

One of the most asked Christian sex questions. Christians should be enjoying wonderful and pleasurable sex lives. Unfortunately some couples lack excitement and pleasure, and do not have sex as often as they want to. Sex is a wonderful gift from God and should be practiced often and improved upon if needed. You can have better sex by seeking tips and techniques which are specific to Christianity.  geil chatten  There are better sex manuals specifically for Christians that can provide answers and specific tactics to have the best sex life you and your partner deserve.

Here is an excellent Christian Sex Manual which will answer all your Christian sex questions and show you how to improve your sex life easily

Want to know the shocking secret of passionate sex? It has nothing to do with technique! The shocking secret of passionate sex is to be able to talk about it with your partner. Amazed? You shouldn’t be. That’s one of the first things any good sex therapist would tell you if the thrill has gone from your bedroom.

Why? Because talking about sex helps you understand what arouses you and turns you off. The fact that you need to talk about sex with your partner doesn’t mean that you love one another any less.  anale sexfilms  That’s because, when it comes to making love, no one is able to read another person’s mind.

But what if it’s uncomfortable to talk about sex? You can begin the conversation by giving each other permission to talk about it. After all, sex is just another natural part of adult life. Whether you think sex is a great form of entertainment, a sacred act of love, or an obligation to your marriage or your partner, you have thoughts and opinions about sex. You also have values, beliefs, and experiences.  webcam babes  And most all of that deserves to be shared.

Here are some questions that can get you and your partner talking more about sex:

o Do you remember how old you were when you started to feel sexual urges? What was that like for you?
o What sorts of love or sex scenes in movies or books really turn you on?
o What did you learn about sex at home? From religion? From school?
o What is the funniest thing you ever learned about sex?
o What do you want from sex that you haven’t asked for?
o What embarrasses you most about sex?
o If we could make love  geile meisjes  anywhere in the world, where would that be?
o How do you like to get in the mood?
o What is your favorite time of day to make love?
o What is the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?

What if you want to talk, but your partner doesn’t? Then start with by asking your partner why this is difficult.  sexy shemale   Or invite them to talk about one question at a time, with permission to “pass” if they wish.

The fact is that good conversation makes for great sex. You’ll understand your partner better, and your partner will have more trust in you. All of that leads to greater intimacy, which in turn leads to more passionate sex. The way to better sex and orgasm really is between your lips.


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