Creating Your Own Wardroom for the Fashionable Lady

If you’re the creative and constantly changing lady like I am, you might have already ventured out into sewing your own clothing. With the endless tutorials and online lessons on sewing, not to mention the new resources for the best patterns in fabric, the possibilities are endless to create the wardroom of your dreams for a fraction of the costs.

If you never have even touched a needle and thread before, even to replace a button, never fear. Sewing is a lot easier than you might imagine. And with the internet as your guide, you have every stitch and trick at the click of a mouse. There are some simple points to think about when starting to sew your own clothing.

Don’t be afraid to reuse your old Clothing. Even my ever ending collection of t-shirts made a great pair of yoga pants for running errands in. Simple cutting og t-shirts can turn a man’s style shirt into a flattering top. Re-dying faded jeans or pants can bring back life like you just brought them home. Adding creative patches or fabric under torn jeans, or even embroidering something simple on the pockets. There is a lot of the new life hiding in your old closet.

Patterns are shapes, not the final projects. It is partially difficult for me to wear some patterns, so I am very limited on floral or other design patterns in my fabrics. When purchasing patterns, most of the time the finishing product on the front shows large flowers. It is important to try to visualize the finished skirt in the colors your wanting to fill your closet with. I rarely purchase expensive patterns, other than the occasional Vogue that I can pass up, but mainly the simple to sew patterns and simpler patterns. has a great collection of PDF patterns for half the cost.

There is a Pattern For Everything. There is no limit to the patterns that you can find for more than just clothing. I alone have a massive collection of patterns for bags, shoes, make up bags, wallets, hats, hair pieces and much more. Sites like or are main stream for ideas and thoughts from other seamstress.

Plan Your Wardroom. It is an adventure when starting to learn to sew and be creative. You will make mistakes and therefore before taking that sweater that you love the pattern but hate the shape and make it into a vest, practice on something else first. And take your time with any project. Planning ahead for events is the best, I mean like months. You know you will need that little black dress in the future, make it today. You don’t want to get invited to a party and have only two nights to make the cutest dress in the room. If your active and always running around town to handle affairs, then you might want to focus most of your wardroom for those clothing. Don’t be afraid of making a sewing check list to organize your projects and ideas.

Sewing your own wardroom has so many advantages. Leslie Collins of Riverside, California has been sewing for a number of events and styles for years. She even has spent some years sewing for the Renaissance Pleasure Fair costumes, then later on for a lot of the local theater clothing while performing for the Shakespeare Group.

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