10 Health Benefits of Sex You Need to Know About

There are many myths about female sexuality that have spread around society. Perhaps the biggest of all is the myth that women don’t like sex and they don’t want sex.

Many men seriously believe this to be true, but the reality is that it is total hogwash.

The truth about female sexuality is that WOMEN LOVE SEX and they want sex.

This does not mean that women  extreme sex films  are promiscuous and that they want to sleep around. No, no, no, the fact is that most women want nothing more than to be with one good man who really knows how to SEXUALLY SATISFY her in the bedroom.

With that said, how on earth did the myth that women don’t like and don’t want sex come to be so prolific?

Well, for starters, most men are lame lovers and they give their women bad sex. The result of that is that many women stop wanting to make-love with their men — not because they don’t like sex, but rather because the sex they are getting at home is so bad.

HINT: The fastest way to reduce a  chicas calientes  woman’s sex-drive to nothing is to give her bad sex.

So there are all these men out there giving their women really poor sex and eventually their women stop wanting sex. So, these guys start to think that women don’t want sex and they don’t like sex. From there, all sorts of myths about female sexuality have come about, such as:

– Women only have sex to make a man ‘go steady’ with them or marry them

– Women only have sex in exchange for gifts

– Women only have sex in exchange for money

You know the kind of things.  chat en vivo   We’ve all heard them many times before.

The sad thing is that many men have bought into these myths about female sexuality and taken them as the truth. So now we have a whole generation of men who think that women don’t like or want sex and that as men, we must always do something in exchange for sex.

This is faulty thinking.

If you want to have a rewarding sex-life, first adopt the belief that women love sex and they want sex.  webcambabes   You should adopt that belief because it is the truth.

You should also know that women only want really good sex. They are not interested in bad sex.

The question is, what is good sex?

Well, for a woman, good sex happens when:

– Her man TAKES CONTROL and leads her in the bedroom

– Her man TALKS DIRTY to her

– Her man gives her powerful  hete cam babes live  ORGASMS, including vaginal orgasms during intercourse

We’ve all seen the lists of top resolutions: vows to lose weight, save money, exercise more. But what about your sex life? Sexual desire and pleasure don’t just improve on their own. You need to put time and effort into having a great sex life, just as you might put time and effort into having a great party or planning a weekend getaway.

With that in mind-and from a decade of observation of couples in my sex therapy practice in Newport Beach-here are my top 10 tips for a better sex life:

1. Schedule sex. I realize that doesn’t sound romantic, but consider that if you plan to see a concert with your partner, it doesn’t make the event any less exciting. If you have trouble fitting sex into your life, put it into the calendar.

2. Flirt. This is a way to build  gratis porno films  anticipation so that when you have sex on the scheduled day and time, it comes from a place of connection and fun. Say naughty things, leave a sexy sweet note by the breakfast plate, or compliment your partner’s best features or qualities to keep the pilot lit.

3. Make out. This seems to be a lost art. Many people get right to having sex early in relationships. Why not have a kissing session that leads to a long, satisfying hug and a good night’s sleep? You will leave your partner wanting more, and that can be a good thing!

4. Mix it up. I am always amazed  gratis sex films  at how many people really do have sex in the same way, in the same place, every single time. Resolve to have sex in another room of the house, to try a new position, or to switch up the usual order you do things in. You don’t have to get crazy, just don’t make your sex life like a perpetual rerun.

5. Communicate. If there’s something about your sex life that hasn’t been working for you, speak up. If your partner is telling you something about your sex life, listen. Believe your partner if he or she says they are bored. If you are the one who is bored, say something. You can’t expect things to get better on their own. Plus, no one can read your mind!

6. Understand your own body. It’s okay to explore your own body so that you can tell your partner what you like best. It’s okay to give yourself pleasure so that you know how your body works.

7. Use lube. Too many people use the amount of lubrication a woman has as an indicator that they find their partner attractive. That doesn’t work. Why? Because all kinds of things, from hormonal change, to stress, to medications can make lubrication iffy. So grab that tube or bottle and use it to make sex more comfortable.

8. Rest. Do you find yourself stating, “I’m just too tired for sex!” Then get some rest. Your body cannot renew its energy without a minimum of 6 hours of consolidated sleep every night-and 7 or 8 hours of sleep are better.

9. Eat properly. See number 8, above. A diet of junk food will sap your health. Choose to eat fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein whenever possible and see your sexual energy rebound.




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