Sex in a Christian Marriage

Some Christians wonder whether sex is actually a sin and whether they are allowed to enjoy it. Read this article to find out what the biblical view of sex in your marriage is.

Sex is not wrong
Sex was designed by God – not Satan – and geile sexfilms  God designed humans in a completely different way from other species. Unlike animals, where sex is only one way to have children, humans were created by God to enjoy sex.

In the book of Leviticus, God made sure that many uses of sex in the ancient Middle East were forbidden – things that were detestable to God. But even among all these things, there is no mention of the fact that a married couple cannot enjoy sex. Therefore, hete lesbische vrouwen there is no reason to believe that it is forbidden to reveal your bond with your wife through sex or that it will damage your relationship with God – quite the opposite (see Song of Solomon references later).

You were made to enjoy sex
Not only to produce offspring, God designed our genitals (male and female) to have thousands of nerve endings. We were made to enjoy sex.

Intimacy and intimate relationships are God’s ideas, and He makes many references to sex in the Bible. homo seks films Solomon’s Song (also known as the “Song of Songs”) is one of the best examples of ancient erotic literature in the world and a clear indication that God created sex for married couples.

In short, God wants you to have great sex – you and your wife were made for it, and in marriage security, great sex is part of God’s master plan. This is because you can get closer to great sex. Great and full sex will strengthen your marital relationship and reduce the possibility of external temptations.

But can Christians have good sex?
As noted above, some Christians feel guilty when enjoying sex because they consider it unchristian to enjoy sex with their husbands.zwangere vrouwen sexfilms This is completely unnecessary.

As long as you enjoy sex with your husband or wife, you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. Obviously, when you have sex with someone other than your husband, you are outside God’s plan and you have reason to feel guilty.

But as long as you are in God’s plan – which means having sex with your husband – you can enjoy the limitless pleasures he gives you. In fact, God says that after marriage, your body will no longer be your only “possession,” but also your wife’s. Likewise, their bodies are yours (see 1 Corinthians 7:4-6). From this text we learn that both partners have equal  geile belgische babes rights over the body of the other partner. And that each of you has the freedom – plus the responsibility – to please the other and be happy in return.

You have complete freedom to enjoy your husband’s body and nothing can stop you. That’s how God designed it. So be intimate with the woman God gave you.

You will also find that your sex will improve over the years as you grow together and get to know each other better. As with any activity you have been doing over the years, you will find that you will improve over time. So keep enjoying as you get older.

How about oral sex?
This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions about sex by Christians. It stems from the respect we should have for the bodies God has given us, and people often wonder if it would be beyond God’s rules if they had oral sex. Some people believe that there are certain body parts that should only be touched during sexual intercourse and then only with other sexual organs.

Again, the Bible does not directly mention oral sex or whether certain body parts should not be touched or kissed. But based on what is mentioned in the Bible, we can make some assumptions which are guided by general rules given by God. There is no biblical evidence that it is a sin for a husband and wife to express their love in this way.

In principle, the Bible does not prohibit or discuss oral sex directly. But God gave us the Song of Solomon, which describes the beautiful love between a man and a woman. And when we realize and accept that God is the creator of sex, we can find some wonderful things in this book about how we can and should enjoy sex with our husbands.

As you read the Song of Solomon, you will find that God wants the relationship between a man and a woman to be sensual, joyful, creative, and lustful.

There are some Bible analysts who believe that part of the Song of Solomon refers to oral sex when it comes to a husband and wife tasting, eating, and drinking their bodies (see Song of Solomon 2:3; 4:4):1 and 8:2).

There is nothing in the Bible to suggest that sex between a man and a woman is wrong or wrong. On the other hand, from the Song of Solomon we can conclude that a couple’s sexual relationship should be a loving, sensual, pleasurable, and enjoyable experience for both of them.




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