Love can’t grow in a man with sex

Gender behavior is not the same. The primitive nature of man cannot be changed, but love and lust are governed by two different parts of the soul. If a woman wants a man to grow his love for her, she must not have sex with him. A man’s love can only be cultivated without sex. lekkere dikke meiden Women are first confused when a man meets through sex. Women give sex to men without thinking that men are interested in them, which is not true because men are mostly interested in sex and what women have to offer in terms of sex. Once sex has been offered, the man detaches himself from the woman and can focus on his work or find another woman to have sex with when the desire arises. As a result, a woman does not extreme sex films know whether the man loves her or has been used to her for years.

Many men have admitted that in their life they are not in love with their partner or wife, in fact they do not know what love is, which is evidenced by constantly mentioning how wonderful sex was at the beginning of their relationship and how passion disappears after a while but they stay together. them because they are used to their husband or life partner instead of truly loving them!

On the other hand, many married men have never experienced true love for their partner, even though they should not have an affair chicas calientes  and although they treat their spouse or partner with dignity and respect, they do not experience true love!

Men don’t pay attention to women because they only care about gender. Men mostly pay attention to women’s breasts, sexy legs and other sexy body parts, forgetting to see their faces or, chat en vivo better yet, noticing attractive personalities, social participation and/or uniqueness.

If a man doesn’t call a woman after he’s allowed her to have sex, he begins to seduce her by calling her and/or showing up at her house if he doesn’t call her. In retrospect, if she doesn’t call him again, he should know that he made a mistake, let him go, move, and live with him without contacting him if he doesn’t advertise; but a woman cannot seduce him unless he does his part and does it himself.

Women who manage to get their boys to have sex before marriage to meet them again and bring them down the altar of marriage never know if their “husband” is truly in love with them. webcambabes Years later, the husband may meet other people and question his love, especially at a time when his spouse or household partner is not available to him as often as in the races due to having children who are too busy with past rats or some other reason. It very often ends in adultery and/or divorce and is related to women’s faults as it is believed that women should rest and not allow sex until the man actually falls in love, is attracted to her and claims her by marrying her.

To force men to be attracted to a woman’s personality, character, qualities, etc., women must keep sex away from men because it is impossible after sex. In other words, a man’s focus needs to shift from porno filmpjes merely seeing a woman’s sexual elements to being aware of other long-term support elements that are only possible without sex.

To make boys go through all the stages of lust and emotion until they reach the stage where they want to know a woman and her soul through the qualities and character she possesses and carries, sex should not be present. Sex destroys everything for men, as part of the immutable primitive nature of men, which makes it impossible for men to care, and then the importance of getting to know each other disappears.

So women make mistakes in the beginning. When women have to take a break to attract men’s attention to them as creatures, they give men sex and then they can’t understand why men don’t care or respect them as creatures.

It is a fact that a woman is erased from a man’s memory through sex, but if a man first makes a commitment or swears before a witness, he is in a different state of mind when it comes to sex with his life partner.

Remember that after the first sexual encounter with a man, normal women become emotionally busy as a direct result of the spiritual bond formed during sex. It is very rare for a woman to have sex for the sake of sex without any form of emotional investment. Unless they are affected or suffer from mental disorders, which include all forms of psychological disorders and disorders, spiritual and/or physical pollution that causes women to lack sensitivity and sensation, a woman cannot have sex without the emotional connection she has or experienced.



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