Is Regular Sex Really That Bad?

There are some topics in the sex world that even the most exhausted men and women don’t like, and one of them is menstrual sex. Period sex is messy, can smell weird, and can give boys hebi-jbits which is disgusting, too. However,anale sexfilms  there are some benefits that really need to be talked about when it comes to this controversial topic of sex. Those who end up trying menstrual sex often love it and it’s easy to understand why. Consider the following reasons why menstrual sex can be downright jarring.

Believe it or not, women are very easily aroused during their menstrual cycle. It’s not uncommon for girls to want more during this time, so why not use that time? Sex is sex, and if a girl really likes it, sex will be good sex.

Having sex with messy periods can actually be a very exciting way to enjoy a night out. Taboo factors can be an inclusion for porno  both men and women.

Sex during your period doesn’t always have to look like a night out with Charles Manson. Most of the time, the female flow isn’t that hard, and most can be caught with a towel. If you have sex regularly (like whenever Aunt Flo is done), it’s best to stock up on towels for this purpose. All other complaints can be easily eliminated with hydrogen peroxide.

For some confident women, men who are excited about the messy phase of sex can be the biggest confidence boost in the world. Menstruation is very uncomfortable for women, even though it is a natural phenomenon. Think of it as a way to encourage webcam babes him to be proud of his body.

Most men and women don’t mind a girl menstruating during sex. This is a statistical fact.

If you haven’t tried menstrual sex, it’s time to give it a try. It’s intimate and fun.

However, having sex with irregular periods can be a hindrance if you don’t know how to do it properly. Here are some tips and hints you need to know before getting your red wings.

First of all, it’s a very good idea geile meisjes  to bring a towel that you can’t be confused with. This can be a cheap $1 towel at the store. After all, unless you really like your mother-in-law, these towels aren’t going to be a guest bathroom decor anytime soon.

The best way to start menstrual sex is to do a little foreplay. Definitely avoid oral sex unless the girl is give or take. The timing of intercourse also ensures natural lubrication.

Before having sex during the cycle, it is a very smart idea to shower first if you are a girl. It keeps the smell of blood to a minimum and also helps relax the muscles.

If you’re a girl and you don’t use a condom, you may sexy shemales  be tempted to “kill” the semen from you. Do not do it! It leaves a big red stain on everything you have, and the mixture is much harder to get out of normal blood. When you’re done, don’t move. Instead, have your friend get a tissue to catch the red dirt and avoid spills.

The worst thing a guy can do to a girl when it comes to consensual sex is make her feel disrespectful. This includes menstrual sex. Many women understand if you politely decline them when they’re bleeding, but harsh words are sure to offend and anger even some of the most patient women.

Are you a dirty boy but still want to try menstrual sex? Use blindfolds to get rid of shackles that can interfere with your ability to make love.

For many couples, the key to enjoying sex during your period is to ignore the fact that one of you is menstruating. Actually, not much else



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