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What is Success? How do you equate SUCCESS with Soft Skills? I have been working very hard to understand and try to equate these together in order to know how well have I done through the years of career building. In fact, SUCCESS is a measure of what have been contributed to assist in moving some forms forward to higher level not just by simple monetary gain instead the long-term growth of the entity! So, how would an individual or entity measure this? Is there any formula that measure this? Let’s look much deeper than just monetary rules.

Through the years,  fixguider  I have mistakenly understood the word SUCCESS in simple term which is in line with most people measuring SUCCESS as being rich, being free from monetary burdens, owning big cars, having multiple gold or platinum credit cards and the list goes on. After being through with a series of key appointment positions in the corporate, I realized that SUCCESS is measured against individual objectives in life not monetary terms or work!

I have put in place a couple of areas that may or may not be appropriate or trigger everyone in the terms of SUCCESS. These are the areas that I have gone through and encountered through the process of growing up in the area of work, social and as an individual views. It doesn’t represent the general public or anyone’s position or views on it. You may use this as a reflection to measure your own Play Boy Job success with additional values to assist you.


Everyone will definitely has their own childhood dream or dreams about something when they grow up. Some may be in the area of Business, some may be Teacher, some may be Military such as Pilot and so on. As for me, I have always been dreaming to become a pilot as I believe I belong to the air and enjoy being in the sky. Question that we have to ask ourselves, could childhood dream or dreams really be a guideline to your future SUCCESS? The answer for me is obviously YES but may not be to others. Once a child has a dream, he or she will definitely work towards fulfilling it as there isn’t any obstacles to withhold him back. A child’s mentality is very pure and will just think of what he wants to achieve and that’s it!

As we grow, there are a lot of factors that may seem like obstacles but it is not if you have find solutions to overcome it. In order for me to achieve my dream, I have to work very hard to pursue towards it but it is not easy in the place that I come from. Unless you are very intelligent or good in Maths or other required attributes, you will not be able to achieve it. So, the only way will be through the military services and pursue from there.

In fact, I did manage to get through this first stage of moving closer to my dream but due to certain factor, I have to release off this dream and so it became just a bubble dream. The point that I am trying to put through is that if you have dreams, you will find alternatives (even with certain restrictions) to fulfill it.  acsifsenegal   Although you didn’t manage to fulfill it entirely, you did reach that destination. To many it may not be a SUCCESS but to me, I believe I have already fulfill that with the experience of flying in the air. Next question that ponders me after this, are we able to change our dream during our growing stage? If so, how will this be measured?

In summary, DREAM or DREAMs may or may not be the key in measuring SUCCESS but it is the starting point to reach your FUTURE achievements! Unless you are able to keep it on track without any other infused factors that may or may not hinder your path. SUCCESS may be able to be measured by DREAM fulfilling!

2. Situational or Environmental Changes

What do I mean by Situational or Environmental Changes? How do you relate this with DREAM and SUCCESS level? When we are pursuing towards fulfilling our dream from childhood till adulthood, there are a lot of factors that will side track us and even change our direction.

Therefore, environment or situational changes will definitely a BIG hindrance towards your DREAM and maybe towards your SUCCESS in your own objectives. There are a few things that I have experienced through this  cars-scanner   kind of changes in my path to where I am now.

Ability to have alternatives
Different dream at different stage
Different objectives in life as situation or ability change
Individual personality
I believe that everybody has more than a dream or their dream will change with time. The simple reason is that when we are growing and our mentality starts to adapt to the changing environment, we will have different objectives in life and also towards our dream fulfillment. There are people who have dreamt about being the richest person in the world and it is not wrong to have that! But when we grow, that may be the strongest obstacles that we need to believe that we can hurdle through. Unless you are able to have positive mind and also probably with some mentoring from successful people, you will be on your path to SUCCESS to fulfill your dream.

By looking at the possible 4 factors above (not limited to these factors), I strongly believe that individual personality makes a great difference in whether SUCCESS at reach or at far! If a strong personality individual pursue towards his or her SUCCESS through series of path, he or she might have a higher chances of succeeding it.  cars-scanner  Looking at all the historical success figures, many of these individuals have strong belief in themselves and pursue forward to meet their objectives. As for my situation, I have built this belief through a series of personal encounters which have push me towards the compassionate, sharing and passionate about positive mindset.

In summary, individual personality is the most important and driving factor that will make an individual to reach success through alternatives and paths.

3. Social or Community Network

Positive or forward-looking thinking social or business friends are the driving factor to change or move someone towards their goal! Like we all know that “Positive thinking attracts Positive Energy!” and “Negative thinking attracts Negative Energy!” If we build on this belief, we will definitely be on the lookout as self-reflection towards our mindset.

How do I measure SUCCESS with this area? I have a series of dream that I wish I will be able to fulfill in my lifetime. These are as follow:

Share as much knowledge as possible
Helping more needy children
Provide a helping hand to anyone who wish to learn
Gather like-minded individual to help more people
Since the year 2003, when my wife and I met our friend who requested for help with the 3rd world country’s needy children,  getsugarbalance store   we realized that we have been too engrossed with our work and family commitments that we didn’t see the big picture. Therefore, we started to pay visit to this country with our friend and this is the turning point that we have set a long-term goal to achieve. It becomes our long-term DREAM (which I mean by alternatives) to fulfill. During the course of doing, more and more of our friends joined us to provide their helping hands and we have expanded to more needy kids through the years. Although this is a long process, but we may be able to measure this as a SUCCESS as our objectives have been met. i.e. Providing AWARENESS to our social and business friends and also expand our help to more needy kids with all the help from our social and business network. For here, I would like to thank all of my network of associates and team member for this!

In summary, it is the surroundings or social friends that will entail your “SUCCESS” and also the POSITIVE “Mindsets” that will pull you through towards your objectives!

4. Lifestyle and Achievements

There is already misconception building up among the younger generations and the society that “GOOD” lifestyle and “GREAT” achievements are considered as “SUCCESS” in their arena. But without understanding, how does lifestyle and achievements come along, how would you be able to measure that?

“GOOD” lifestyle can be a success if you are having influx of passive income to help you with this lifestyle but not from inheritance or credits to fund this kind of lifestyle! “STRONG” achievements may be considered as a “SUCCESS” but in which category are we emphasizing on? If everybody are just trying to build on “STRONG” achievements, do we mean that everybody is successful? There are many people who has or may have already achieved great things but that doesn’t mean that they stop with what they have. So, it will be a on-going achievement pursuing level.

Different stages of life entails a different level of success factor, therefore, it is not easy to measure how successful are you with your achievements or awards. There may be some of you objecting to this but this is my mere opinion and experience. As I measure “Achievements” as something that you have given back to Society through your years of hardship and work. It is not something that you bring forward from previous generation and passed it on through your hands. As long as this principle is met, we can safely say that we have achieved our success (if you wish to call that).

The best individual figure that I believed is very successful is the “GREAT” Mr. Gandhi. He has brought forward his belief to each and everyone into a better world but although this was not fully completed. His teachings and also personal example have truly made many to be aware of what and how each should work on in order to provide a better world for all. Are we able to measure this in his lifetime? It may not but truly it has inspired many people in his work and effort! This is how “SUCCESS” measured with the example and awareness he has built upon.

In summary, Lifestyle and Achievements are just only the END RESULT but may not be appropriate for measuring your “SUCCESS” in your objectives. The process and the mindset towards your DREAM will be key factor in achieving all the set objectives and goals.

5. Personal Experiences

“SUCCESS” is also not measured by the mathematical numbers gained or achieved, it is something that we can only measured through the end result of each objective. Let’s take an example, if you are able to lift a poverty individual to a normal and striving life, will this consider as a “SUCCESS” to anyone? It’s not a matter of how many but a matter of the process and your passionate heart that counts. So, we are currently living in a world of END RESULTS are the key success factor but we have loosen track on the process of achieving it!

I have learnt a lot since young on how to work within your limit and also help as much as possible through any means whether big or small. It is with this belief that I have built on “Treat Others Like Yourself!” with sincerity and you will be able to touch more people’s heart. It applies to all situation whether social or work!

In summary, each individual experiences will have different degree of SUCCESS and towards the equation too.

6. Soft Skills

I believe all of you already knew what are SOFT SKILLS and how important are these towards your career and social life! But not many people realized that SOFT skills are also part of the “SUCCESS” measuring factor that determines your achievements.

How many of you do face the issue of trying to get through your first interview? How many of you even try to get a chance to land on an interview? How many of you will be able to believe that they will do well in their interview session? All these are linked to your “SOFT” skills which may be some or all of the below skill sets. I have listed a few but not in any order of importance.

Team Skills
Good Attitude
Writing Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Motivational Skills
Willingness to learn
Critical Thinking Skills
Willingness to be accountable
Ability to relate to coworkers in a close environment
Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
A successful individual will usually process some of even all of the above plus others which are not listed here. The reason is that they optimized their soft skills ability to interact and to achieve their ultimate goals. Your Academic and professional certification are only the foundation of your “Hard” skills which can be taught through proper in-class or distance learning session but “Soft” skills will also trigger from individual characters and personality. This is what I call as “Inner Soft Skills” which will require strong individual realization of his or her ability. In order to unleash this area of the soft skills, an individual may or may not require someone like a mentor to guide through. It can be taught in a way to unleash and realize it’s potential to achieve the ultimate goal.

Through my years of experience in the business, social and also volunteering life, I realized many people are just too engross in building on their “Hard” skills and educational certification and have neglected their “Soft” side of it. If this are is not taken care of, he or she will be suffering from getting through any of the social or work or business interaction. I believe he or she may not be able to see the “SUCCESS” that he or she set to achieve.

In summary, SOFT skills are more important than concentrating too much on building on your “HARD” skills. Both of them should be viewed as complimenting each other to enable you to achieve greater “SUCCESS” in life.

The above area based on my personal experiences and encounters. Therefore, it does not relate to any particular scenarios or anybody. I have stated or shared what I have experienced and individual opinions. If you have any inputs, feedback or comments, please do feel free to participate towards this article.

Richard has very extensive experiences, in-depth knowledge, formidable execution capability and access to international professional contacts. He has excelled in the area of Security Risk, Risk Assessment and Management, Business Engagement (Stakeholders and Project Delivery), IT Management, IT Project Management, IT Service Management, Change Management, IT / Business Transformation Delivery, Vendor Management, Service Delivery and IT Consulting Services.

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