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Many, many moons ago, when I was a small child growing up in Kentucky, my mother created her own customized skin care products from items she harvested from our food pantry and refrigerator. These were a type of artisan treatment regimen that had been handed down from her mother and other female relatives. I can clearly remember the distinct and wonderful scent that emanated from the kitchen as my mother milled and blended her olive oil, mayonnaise, lemon and herbal potions.

These products worked.  lesadeptesdelaboxe   When mom died in her mid-70’s, after a lifetime of outdoor work on a farm and endless hours of self-tanning her skin was flawless. My siblings and I do not believe she ever bought at cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream or any other type of cosmetic skin care product from a retail store. Mother was a child of the Depression, and as such, she was raised to be as self-sufficient as possible.

My mother also practiced a form of consumer product category jumping. Her homemade cosmetic skin care treatment was rendered from foodstuffs purchased mainly for consumption by our large brood. I doubt Hellman’s Mayonnaise, A&P Olive Oil or the United Fruit company produced their products with cosmetic usage in mind.

There are actually more examples of this type of product category jumping than one might think. You probably have experienced such multiple uses for products in your own experience. A number of specific products actually have seen sales rise perceptibly as a result of usage that differs from the manufacturer’s original intent.

One of the most famous was  miss-futee  the well known hemorrhoid ointment Preparation H. This formula was created by the prolific scientist Dr. Sperti. It was very successful for many years and was considered the leading treatment of its day for this annoying malady. Then a funny thing happened.

Women realized that if it worked on hemorrhoids it might work on facial wrinkles. Voila, they were right and a cult-like following grew to believe Preparation H as the best option on the market to fight wrinkles, fine lines and damaged skin. The product had the added benefit of being inexpensive relative to packaged cosmetic and department skin care treatment lines such as Frances Denney, Germaine Monteil and Orlane.

Another crossover star is equally fascinating. In farm stores in rural communities across America there is a need for a livestock product that can treat horses and cattle that suffer from damage caused by thorns, thickets and rusted barbed wire fencing.  The leading product in this space is an ointment called Corona.

A number of years ago I first heard from the mother of newborn baby about Corona. She raved about the creams ability to eliminate her little one’s severe diaper rash. She had tried everything, even doctor prescribed treatments to no avail. Another mom told her to drive 60 miles to the nearest Southern States store and buy a tube of Corona. She did. She was wowed and returned within a week to buy out the stores stock.

I decided to check it out for myself. I visited a Southern States store and asked the clerk how Corona Ointment was selling? He stopped and replied that until a couple years ago it sold only to farmers. But then they began to notice mothers of babies with license plates from distant counties buying multiple tubes of the product. The store was often out  rugbycleek  of stock on what had been a steady, but unspectacular selling niche product.

We use EZ-Off Oven Cleaner to remove mold from our log home. It works great. It works much better than the much more expensive mold treatment products that the DIY stores stock and advertise.

There are many other examples of products or ingredients that jump categories and enjoy cult status. You probably utilize one or more in your home, work or garden.

Geoff Ficke and his consulting firm, Duquesa Marketing,

With an ever-growing band of people working from home a home-based business is no longer viewed as something rare or the preserve of working mums hoping to balance family and work commitments. A small business run out of a spare room can appear to be a much larger concern when it is an internet-based business with a professional website and a strong online presence. With small companies of fewer than 5 people offering niche goods or services the face of retail is changed already in the UK and continuing to change, with vast opportunities  for those who want to start their own business.

People are driven to starting up a small business by a range of factors – redundancy, certainly, is a major factor; offering both the time and financial resources to embark on that dream idea for a new product or services. But many people are simply tired of office politics or the daily commute and want to improve their quality of life. Improving that quality of life does not necessarily mean working shorter hours; in fact, the self-employed usually work longer hours but it does give freedom to work where and when you like whether that is your kitchen table of a country cottage in France.

But what happens when you have been living the “dream” working from home for a few years. If you previously worked in a busy office or other work environment then it can be lonely working on your own. Phone conversations rarely make up for human contact and there may be no one around to bounce ideas off or help talk through problems or issues. Not even anyone to have a cup of coffee with.

And yet many small business owners  trackmusik  do not want to spend their hard-earned income renting office, warehouse or studio space and often find there is nowhere available that is small enough for their business if it is simply a one-man-band. So if there a solution to the solitary working environment of such a business?

Fortunately there are a number of facilities that offer flexible, inclusive and (very importantly for most small businesses) affordable community office facilities for start-up and growing businesses. They provide additional benefits that are simply not available to those based at home. They have small but fully equipped offices for 1 or 2 people, or if that is too big a step many also have hot-desking facilities so you only use the space (and pay for it) when you need it. They have super fast broadband, which may be taken for granted by most city-dwellers but is not yet available nationwide in homes.

And they have meeting rooms available, which is preferable to meeting in a coffee shop, particularly if you need to discuss confidential information. They also provide the usual virtual office services such as telephone answering. But best of all there are people there – usually like-minded small business owners offering networking opportunities  wapzola  and support as well as a social aspect.

Of course it is a big step for any small business that is based at home to commit to having a proper office and it is not the only solution to making life easier. There is always the option of self-storage to ease the pressures on space in your home, even if it just means you can have a larger desk and a more spacious working environment. It is an affordable and convenient option and self-storage in London and other large cities is considerably more cost-effective than any of the alternatives for storing business stock.

The author has written and published articles on a range of topics related to our home environment including moving home, decluttering, space in new-build homes, self-storage in London and the use of self-storage to help us organise our possessions.
She is passionate about promoting cine-tales the responsible and ethical use of the great resource that is the Internet.

As the third largest wine producing country in the world (behind France and Italy), Spain, or more specifically, the Iberian Peninsula has long established itself as a global vineyard force. While most people are well-versed in the red variations of Spanish vintages, it’s important to note that white varietals from this internationally renowned area also play a significant role in any wine wholesaler’s portfolio of liquors and wine.

White Spanish Grapes To Look For In Any Portfolio Of Liquors And Wine

It often surprises consumers that the Iberian Peninsula region alone does not a delicious libation make. Rather, leading vintage wholesalers the world over understand one very critical factor when building their inventory offerings: when it comes to providing a solid selection with unwavering quality and (most importantly) drinkability, the grapes truly do make all the difference.

Recognizing two of the area’s most  impressive grapes as well as their own unique flavor characteristics found within this leading vineyard region can help ensure that you select a reputable and knowledgeable wholesaler that offers a comprehensive inventory.

Two of the most distinguishing white grapes from this area of the world include:

Macebo: Found in northern Spain, the Macebo is one of the more popular and highly-recognized white fermenting fruits. Late blooming compared to other grapes, the macebo is hardy and able to thrive in arid temperatures, producing a dry flavor palette with hints of almonds and wildflower. Delivering moderate acidity, many believe that this robust fruit is best bottled and consumed early in its shelf live.

Merseguera: Many people don’t know much about this light-skinned grape. However, despite its relatively unknown status, the merseguera is often used in everyday vintages and is revered by  actualidadpampeana   connoisseurs for its refreshing and straightforward crispness. When properly combined with the more popular macebo, the merseguera proves reminiscent of a Sauvignon blanc or Pinot Grigio blend. Offering low alcohol content, the merseguera is often paired with seafood and other traditional staples throughout its native region.

Other Popular Fruits To Look For When Purchasing White Vintages

Of course, the macebo and merseguera aren’t the only light-skinned grapes that have forever left their mark in this particular vineyard niche. Other regionally significant light-skinned fruit from this area include Riesling, Moscatel, Godello and the ever-popular Tempranillo Blanco. Make sure to always look for these as well to ensure that your distributor has an exceptional portfolio of liquors and wine to offer consumers.

Chris Harmen writes for the owner of Mid-State Wine, a leading wine wholesaler in Houston, Texas. With their impressive and extensive portfolio of liquors and wine, Mid-State has the perfect libation to help celebrate every occasion. Visit the company site to learn more!


has assisted businesses large and small, domestic and international, entrepreneurs, inventors and students in new product development, capital formation, licensing, marketing, sales and business plans and successful implementation of his customized strategies. He is a Senior Fellow at the Page Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Business School, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.


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