Organic Shampoo – The Healthy Alternative

As consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of using organic hair and skin care products, sales are soaring and continue to increase by 20% every year. What was once perceived as a product for strictly the naturalist communes now has hit every lifestyle in society. Organic shampoos were the last of the body health care products to take off due to the preconceived notions that there was no way your hair could be thoroughly clean and still look full and soft. This myth has now been debunked and organic shampoos are being found in homes all around the world. This is a great thing for our environment, especially our water as well as the health of millions.

Organic shampoos are free from synthetic detergents or preservatives; this saves the consumer from putting harmful chemicals on their hair. What many people fail to realize is that the chemical detergents used to make shampoos actually seep into our bodies through the pores in our scalp. Many of these Organic Shampoo    chemicals used carry some serious warnings and side effects that if used over a period can cause various medical conditions. By using organic shampoos you eliminate all of these risks and know that what you and your family are using are 100% safe.

Another plus to using environmentally safe organic shampoos are that the products used to develop the organic shampoo are raised by farmers use zero synthetic pesticides. No product can be labeled organic without meeting this standard issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This eliminates the threat of harmful carcinogens from pesticide residues to filter into our soil, air, and water systems.

Organic shampoo is available for all hair types from oily, to dry, from normal to even hard to manage hair. Organic shampoos gently cleanse the hair and regulate the pH balance naturally. Organic shampoos use organic products such as lavender, rosemary, pure coconut soap, chamomile, wild cherry bark, nettle, yarrow, organic cider vinegar, zinc, sage wheat protein, and many more natural products that leave your hair at its ultimate level of health.

Your scalp and skin are sponges and absorb everything it meets. It takes in more toxins in a day then what you put in your mouth. Why risk adding even more toxins to your body when you do not have too? When you care about what you eat, and do your best to eat healthy, it is almost counter productive to continue to put toxins into your body through skin and hair care products that are crammed packed full of chemicals when there are organic products available such as organic shampoos and conditioners.


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