Preparing Skin and Hair for Application

Where to find wigs online is easy and takes little more than a quick search and some time spent researching the source to make sure that they are reputable. But, choosing your wig online is another story. Due to the nature of the items and the issue of hygiene, wigs are often not returnable so you need to be pretty sure of what you want before you order. This takes us back to the high-end boutiques and shops. A visit to such a place will allow you RED VELVET CAMBODIAN SILKthe opportunity to try on different styles, colors and brands so that you can be sure of what will look best on you. Most are happy to offer a free consultation and work with you to find a suitable wig with no obligation for you to buy. If you can afford to purchase from them, then by all means do so. But, for those who are in need of a wig but are on a tight budget, you can write down the style, brand and color that you are interested in and search for it online. Shop around and try to find yourself the best deal. Where to find wigs is the easy part-choosing the one that you are happy with is where you need to focus your energy.


Lace Wigs are the best way to have a flawless hair look each and every day. It is the celebrities best kept secret and steadily taking the hair care industry on by storm. If you are considering the purchase of a lace wig unit or already have, it’s important that you know that preparation is the key to a lasting and finished look. Comprised within this article are some great tips that will benefit your lace wig application.

I. Preparing Lace Wig for Application

1.Pin and clip all hair back from the edge of the wig, including the baby hair, so
hair will not get stuck in glue when applying.

2.Carefully cut lace at the hairline all around lace wig. Make sure baby hair is
pinned back to avoid cutting any of the hair. Leave as little lace as possible
without tearing the unit, as this is a dead-giveaway to the fact that you are wearing
a unit.

**OPTIONAL: After cutting lace, spray Fray Block on the edge of the lace.

Fray block can look like dandruff when it dries, so use sparingly. Also use a
Knot Sealer to tighten strand knots to increase life of unit. Knot Sealers also
help with adhesion.

II.Preparing Skin and Hair for Application

1. Wash, condition, and dry your natural hair. Healthy hair maintenance is still very important.

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